Our story

Back in 1970, our grandparents Alessandro and Anna, driven by a passion for their work, decided to open the first village shop in Frosinone. After a few years they moved to Veroli, where thanks to the help of their son Massimo, they embarked on a new adventure: they built and inaugurated the first laboratory, where, even today, the processing of our meat continues and all our products are produced with their recipes.
In 2008, his wife Simonetta and their children Alessandro and Luca started working with Massimo, making the company more dynamic, modern and in step with the times but always respecting tradition and the territory, as grandfather Alessandro teaches.

Processing methods

The processing methods of Antica Norcineria Cironi respect the tradition handed down by grandfather Alessandro but always in compliance with current EEC standards.
The salting is dry and we use natural products such as whole sea salt harvested by hand in Sicilian salt-pans, we marinate in cooked wine, insacchiamo in natural casings and tie by hand. Smoking is natural, using oak and beech branches mixed with juniper berries moistened in red wine.

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